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Medicare Conditional Payments Resolution Compliance Program Delivers 328% ROI

It is undeniable. Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) issues have become more and more complex over the last 25 years. They have also made handling liability, no‐fault, and work comp claims more and more difficult and costly. These are the reasons why Flagship Services Group came to exist.


Flagship assists liability, no‐fault, and work comp payers to navigate MSP situations, providing insurers, self‐insureds, and third party administrators specifically tailored services and products to successfully process all components of MSP compliance, especially resolution of conditional payments.

Flagship Services Group Savings

Medicare compliance for property and casualty insurers, third-party administrators, and self‐insureds is our sole focus.


We are experts in conditional payment resolution. It is what we do every day, all the time, on every case. Based on our years of experience resolving thousands of conditional payment claims, we have created our very own lien resolution process, built a one of a kind claims processing system, and put together the most amazing, dedicated and talented staff of claims specialists, and medical and legal professionals with years of experience handling Medicare and Medicaid conditional payments.


What follows are results from our 2017 annual study of the last 12,744 liability, no‐fault, and work comp conditional payment claims that we processed, resolved, completed, and closed. Our study shows


Flagship was able to:

  • Find a reduction in over 50% of all the liability, no‐fault, and work comp claims it handled

  • Reduce Medicare’s request for reimbursement by 67%

  • Deliver a total of $27.6 million in savings and an average of over $4,000 in savings per claim.

  • Provide clients with over 325% return on investment based on the ratio of fees to savings


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