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Medicare Advantage Plan (MAP) Lien Resolution

Medicare Advantage Plans (MAP) continue to offer alternative benefit options within the Medicare health plan space. MAPs are responsible to CMS for compliance with Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) enforcement. MAP responsibilities include adhering to MSP published laws, CFR rules and regulations, identifying Primary Payers, discovering secondary payments, and coordinating benefits with Primary Payers insofar as denying coverage claims and pursuing reimbursement.
In other words, just as it is important to determine conditional payments made for Medicare Part A/B plans it is also important to determine if a MAP paid for treatment related to a personal injury accident.


We are experts in lien resolution. It is what we do every day, all the time, on every case. Based on our years of experience resolving thousands of Medicare conditional payment claims, we have created our very own lien resolution process, built a one of a kind claims processing system, and put together an amazing, dedicated and talented staff of medical, legal, and claims specialists, with years of experience handling Medicaid liens.


As a Conditional Payment Company, we offer 100% Medicare Compliance including:

  • End-to-End Solutions

    • Mitigation of Medicare penalties by resolving all Conditional Payment liabilities.

    • Protection of client’s financial resources by reducing Conditional Payment reimbursement amounts to the lowest defensible amount…and not a penny more!

    • Simplification of Medicare compliance for claim adjusters by reducing their Medicare duties to a couple of basic steps – transmission of Medicare claims to Flagship at the front end, then filing Medicare closure documents at the back end.

  • Management Reports

    • Quarterly Management Report that includes claim referral volume, Conditional Payment demands, fees, net savings, and ROI. Report, tracked by claim adjuster, can also be expanded to include individual claim offices and regional results.

  • 100% Compliance guarantee when all Medicare and Flagship policies and procedures are followed.

Contact us for more information on our Medicare Advantage Plan lien resolution services. 

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