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Flagship Services Group is the premier Medicare compliance company for Property & Casualty insurers.


In the Medicare arena of complex and convoluted Federal regulations, Flagship’s exclusive focus provides cost-effective, client-specific solutions to a time-consuming process that is error-prone and disruptive to the internal claims management process. Flagship is the only Medicare compliance services company that guarantees 100% compliance, at zero net cost.

Flagship assists liability, no‐fault, and work comp payers to navigate MSP situations, providing insurers, self‐insureds, and third party administrators specifically tailored services and products to successfully process all components of MSP compliance, especially resolution of conditional payments. Medicare compliance for property and casualty insurers, third party administrators, and self‐insureds is our sole focus.

Flagship handles all Medicare files, from end to end, to ensure client’s interests are protected every step of the way. This approach reduces cycle times, paid costs and reserve requirements, and removes the risk of penalties. Our teams of medical, legal and claim professionals deliver superior results.

Flagship built its processes and systems from the ground-up to support the unique but critical needs of P&C insurance companies, and this is an important distinction. We manage all Medicare beneficiary files from “pre-cradle” to “post-grave” with a claims-centric focus, ensuring your company’s interests are protected every step of the way.


Flagship Services Group and Flagship Reporting & Recovery are part of the CP Resolutions family of companies.


Tired of compliance headaches?
We are your headache medicine.

For most companies, Medicare compliance is not their main business focus.
They struggle to stay current with ever-changing CMS rules and regulations.
It’s time to think about Medicare compliance differently. We can help.

Are you asking the right
questions to address the
latest CMP concerns?

RREs must be registered to meet MSP reporting requirements.
Have you failed to register as RRE?  Do you have more than one entity to qualify as RRE? 


When RREs report as required, but report in a manner that exceeds error tolerances…
What is your error tolerance level today? How concerned should you be about it? 

When RREs contradict the information the RREs have reported when CMS attempts to recover its payments from these RREs 
Is your reporting information contradictory? If yes, for how long? What would it take to identify and correct any contradictory information?


Wouldn’t you like to assess your current compliance level before you decide if you even have an issue?

Flagship Services Group can help!


Sign up for a free consultation today!

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