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The Commercial Repayment Center

Learn how Medicare will use your Section 111 Reporting to recover on Conditional Payments they have made.


Why P&C Compliance
is Different

Learn why Medicare compliance for P&C carriers is different than compliance for workers' comp.


Medicare Resolution
Client Results

Flagship works with clients to achieve amazing ROI, like reducing Medicare’s request for reimbursement by 67%.


Medicare Compliance

Compliance with ever-changing Medicare regulations is an increasingly important issue for the P&C industry.Although Medicare claims generally account for a relatively small percentage of personal injury claims, the headaches, risks and penalties for non-compliance are disproportionately large.

As Medicare's financial challenges have worsened, so has Medicare's urgency to transfer more of its public obligations to the private sector. Flagship's client compliance is focused on reducing Medicare's reimbursement "liens" to the lowest defensible amount...and not a penny more! In so doing we save our clients millions in annual Medicare reimbursements.

Medicare Conditional Payments Resolution Compliance Program

Flagship Services Group

Flagship Services GroupFlagship Services Group is the premier Medicare compliance company for Property & Casualty insurers. In the Medicare arena of complex and convoluted Federal regulations, Flagship's exclusive focus provides cost effective, client specific solutions to a time consuming process that is error-prone and disruptive to the internal claims management process. Flagship is the only Medicare compliance services company that guarantees 100% compliance, at zero net cost.

Flagship handles all Medicare files, from end to end, to ensure client's interests are protected every step of the way. This approach reduces cycle times, paid costs and reserve requirements, and removes the risk of penalties. Our teams of medical, legal and claim professionals deliver superior results.

Flagship: Services That Save

A brief summary of Flagship's comprehensive Medicare compliance services follows:

  • Conditional Repayment Center 
    Flagship has been reviewing and disputing CPNs for several years. We have a proven process to work with Medicare and are here to help you overcome pending challenges.
  • Conditional Payment (CP) Management
    Flagship's end-to-end process takes Conditional Payments off the adjusters desks, and reduces reimbursement costs.
  • Medicare Set-Asides (MSAs)
    Flagship provides complete MSA creation and submission services, including MSA alternatives where appropriate. We take a consultative approach in determining the necessity of an MSA.
  • Section 111 Reporting
    Flagship has a dedicated, fully integrated IT infrastructure to handle every aspect of Medicare querying and reporting. Client integration is fast, easy and inexpensive.
  • Medicare Risk Review (MRR)
    An analysis of processing procedures, potential savings and any non-compliance issues, excessive payments or penalty exposure.
  • Medicare Essentials Training
    Brief but comprehensive training for claim professionals. Provides perspective and insights on the importance of accurate and timely Medicare claims processing, plus "how to" best practices.
  • Account Management
    Experienced, professional Account Manager and Operations Team; key metrics reports on each file status; trusted Medicare compliance advisor to respond to claim related questions.

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"Flagship has been instrumental in helping us become Medicare compliant and their expertise in lien reductions has saved us millions. They offer peace of mind, extraordinary knowledge and true professionalism that have delivered unbelievable results."

- Claim Manager

Our Mutual Insurance Company is very pleased with the Medicare compliance services provided by Flagship Services Group based on the work they have done for us over the past two years.

Flagship has been a great solution to a difficult Medicare dilemma for us!

- Casualty Claims Manager