NCCI Publishes 2018 Update on Medicare Set Asides and Workers Compensation

Here We Go Again, as New Medicare Contractor Takes Over Reimbursement of Conditional Payments When ORM Accepted

MAP Assignees Settle MSP Class Action Against Ocean Harbor for $5 Million

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New Mexico Federal District Court Finds CMS’ Failure to Clarify if MSAs are Required in Liability Settlements Proving Burdensome in Settlement Process

Illinois Federal District Court Finds Surviving Spouse and Adult Children Must Reimburse Medicare $105,000 from Med Mal $250,000 Settlement

Set Aside Allocation Compliance Risks for Auto, Liability, No-Fault, and Work Comp Primary Payers

Conditional Payment Compliance Risks for Auto, Liability, No-Fault, and Work Comp Primary Payers

Progressive Insurance Company Settles Medicare and Medicaid Secondary Payer False Claims Act for $2.4 Million

Mandatory Reporting Compliance Risks for Auto, Liability, No-Fault, and Work Comp Primary Payers

Florida Federal District Court Finds MAPs Must Abide by Same Laws and Regulations Imposed on Medicare When Seeking Reimbursement

Achieving MSP Compliance: Mitigating, Reducing, and Eliminating MSP Risks

CMS Publishes Alert for Medical Providers Regarding Accepting Payment from Medicare Beneficiaries with a Medicare Set Aside

Flagship Services Group: The Conditional Payments Resolution Experts

Humana Advantage Plan Goes After Florida Plaintiff Lawyer for Failing to Reimburse Conditional Payments Related to Settled Claim

Commercial Repayment Center Returned $88.35 Million to Medicare Trust Fund in FY 2016,  $125.05 Million in FY 2015, and  $50.6 Million in FY 2014

Resolution of Conditional Payments Continue to Create Havoc on No-Fault Claims

Leaving Reimbursement of Medicare Conditional Payments to Plaintiff May End Up Costing You

A Complete Comparative Analysis of the Changes in the New Workers Compensation Medicare Set-Aside Arrangement Reference Guide

Social Security Number Removal Initiative (SSNRI) now known as “New Medicare Cards”

The 2017 Social Security Trustees Report: Old Age and Survivors Trust Fund Holds Steady, While Disability Trust Fund Sees Significant Improvement

The 2017 Medicare Trustees Report: Hospital Trust Fund Remains in Short and Long Term Trouble, Supplemental Trust Fund is Adequately Financed

Finally, a Re-Review Process for Work Comp Medicare Set Asides, But Still No Formal Appeals Rights for Claimants and Employer/Carriers

19 Million Americans and Growing: 33% of the 57 Million Medicare Beneficiaries are Enrolled in a Medicare Advantage Plan in 2017

The Medicare Secondary Payer Program Continues to Grow in Size and Scope as CMS Adds to its Matrix of Compliance Enforcement Contractors

CPLs and CPNs are Not Bills

Insurers Beware! MAP Assignees File Class Actions Against No-Fault Insurers Throughout the Country Claiming Millions and Double Damages

Florida Federal District Court Prohibits State Medicaid Agency from Seeking Reimbursement of Past Medicaid Payments from Future Medical Recovery

California’s WCAB Remands Case to Look at Agreement Between Parties on Whether Claimant Allowed to Self Administer His MSA Account Funds

Florida Federal Court Orders Beneficiary to Reimburse Higher Conditional Payments, Despite Medicare’s Verbal Representation of Lower Amount Due

RREs and the CRC: It Takes Two to Tango

Florida Federal District Court Finds Med-Pay Policy Proves Primary Payer Responsibility and Allows MSP Private Cause of Action for Double Damages

If You Haven’t Started Already, Now is the Time for Auto, Liability, No-Fault, and Work Comp Payers to Prepare for Medicaid Third Party Liability Liens

Yet Another Clue that CMS is Getting Ready for Liability and No-Fault MSAs

Case Law Update: California Federal District Court Finds Medicare Is Not Entitled to Reimbursement for Unrelated Care in Bundled Codes

At Flagship, When We Say $585 to Handle All Aspects of Conditional Payments in Auto, No-Fault, Liability, and Work Comp, We Mean it!

CMS Updates Mandatory Reporting User Guide, Providing New TPOC Timelines and Amounts on No-Fault, Liability, Work Comp Claims

Could 2017 be the Year CMS Finally Begins WCMSA Appeals Process?

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Montana Supreme Court Concludes Only Way for Insurer to Satisfy Obligation to Reimburse US is to Pay the US Directly

What do Medicare’s New Reporting Thresholds Mean for You in 2017?

A Year Later, How is the New CRC Process Going?

Rafael Gonzalez, Esq. appointed President of Flagship Services Group

Our Take on the CMS Town Hall Meeting on CRC Progress on Nov 17, 2016

North Carolina Appellate Court Finds WCMSA Funds Are Not Countable Resources for Medicaid Eligibility Purposes

CMS Announces New Reporting Thresholds for 2017

Medicare Compliance Reporting and Recovery - the Dynamic Duo?

Mandatory Insurer Reporting for Primary Payers: Understanding ORM and TPOC

CMS Prepares for Expansion of MSA Reviews, Postpones Release of Solicitation for Contractor

Reps Murphy and Kind Introduce HR 6120: The Secondary Payer Advancement, Rationalization, and Clarification (SPARC) Act

P&C Insurers, Are You Ready for Mandatory Reporting, Conditional Payments, and Set Aside Allocations in Auto, No-Fault, and Liability Claims?

CMS Announces 2016 Recovery & Reporting Thresholds for Liability, No-Fault, & Workers Compensation Non Group Health Plans Settlements

Another Big Year for US P&C Insurance: $591 Billion in Written Premiums

11th Circuit Allows MAP Assignees to File MSP Private Cause of Action for Double Damages and Prove Responsibility Through Contractual Obligation

Rafael Gonzalez Joins Flagship Services Group

Vermont Supreme Court Dismisses Claim that AIG and NuQuest Underfunded WCMSA

11th Circuit Allows MAPs to Sue Primary Payers Under Medicare Secondary Payer for Double Damages

What is an Intent to Refer Letter from Medicare and How You Should Handle It?

Never Leave Medicare Compliance in the Hands of a Claimant’s Attorney

Medicare Compliance: Do I Need an MSA?

Demanding More From Your WCMSA Provider to Ensure Medicare Compliance

The 3 Questions to Ask to Achieve Section 111 Reporting Success

Why Your Section 111 Reporting Matters

Medicare Compliance Case Study

Why Doesn’t Medicare Know About My Medicare Liability Claim?

The Storm is Here: Medicare’s New Commercial Repayment Center Program

5 Common Myths of Medicare Set-Asides

Components Of A Flagship WCMSA

Put An End to Medicare Compliance Challenges

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2016 – The “Year of Medicare Compliance"

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Flagship Services Group Welcomes Legal Counsel D. Sean Smith

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Scared Straight – A Cautionary Tale about Medicare Compliance

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AMA Suggests Penalties for Overzealous RACs

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How Flagship Services Group Helps Claims Adjusters – Part One

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Medicare Compliance Self-Test

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Distinguishable But Inseparable

Regulatory Compliance a Top Concern for P&C Insurers

Important Changes to Medicare's Protocol