Conditional Payment
Conditional Payment Management Program

A Conditional Payment (CP) occurs when Medicare has paid for health care services provided to a Medicare beneficiary, but a primary payer exists who is responsible for those payments. Medicare makes such payments on condition that reimbursement will be made to Medicare if the primary payer provides any compensation to the Medicare beneficiary (i.e. settlement, judgment, award, other).

  • Flagship saves P&C insurers millions of dollars annually in Medicare reimbursements by reducing the aggregate Conditional Payment Demand amounts.
  • Flagship removes the Medicare headache from adjusters’ desks so they don’t have to be experts in the world of ever-changing Medicare regulations.
  • Flagship enables claim adjusters to spend their time doing what they do best, closing the 85%-90% of claims that are non-Medicare related.

Conditional Payment Management Program – 100% Medicare Compliance

  • End-to-End Solutions
  • Mitigation of Medicare penalties by resolving all Conditional Payment liabilities.
  • Protection of client’s financial resources by reducing Conditional Payment reimbursement amounts to the lowest defensible amount...and not a penny more!
  • Simplification of Medicare compliance for claim adjusters by reducing their Medicare duties to a couple of basic steps - transmission of Medicare claims to Flagship at the front end, then filing Medicare closure documents at the back end.
  • Management Reports
  • Monthly Management Report that includes claim referral volume, Conditional Payment demands, fees, net savings, and ROI. Report, tracked by claim adjuster, can also be expanded to include individual claim offices and regional results.
  • Flagship Exclusive Guarantees
  • No other Medicare compliance company offers the following guarantees:
  • 100% Compliance guarantee when all Medicare and Flagship policies and procedures are followed.
  • Zero Net Cost guarantee based on savings secured by Flagship that exceed Flagship’s fees (minimumCP referrals may apply).
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"Flagship has been instrumental in helping us become Medicare compliant and their expertise in lien reductions has saved us millions. They offer peace of mind, extraordinary knowledge and true professionalism that have delivered unbelievable results."

- Claim Manager

Our Mutual Insurance Company is very pleased with the Medicare compliance services provided by Flagship Services Group based on the work they have done for us over the past two years.

Flagship has been a great solution to a difficult Medicare dilemma for us!

- Casualty Claims Manager

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